8 Things You Didn’t Know About Temara Melek

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Temara Melek Biography

Temara Melek is an American pop singer, actress, and model, born on May 4 1998 in Love land, Colorado. Well with Temara the story of entering the filmy world is different as she was a part of it when she was 4. She sustains herself in the industry with a child actress along with this continued her education and got graduated from the Fashion Institute Of Design And Merchandising.Temara was able to make it to the headlines through her series known as West World 2018, Legacies 2018 – 2019, and Vampire Diaries. The actress jump towards singing at the age of 13 and her first music video was a crowd pleaser. The actress was blessed with regard to her career as whatever she tried resulted in her favor, for which she is now known as Temara Melek. Now let’s move towards some of her interesting facts!

Temara Melek

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Temara Melek

1- Marital Status

The actress, Temara Melek is enjoying her single life and focusing on her career. It seems she is so passionate and focused person in terms of establishing her career life.

2- Zodiac Sign

Temara holds Taurus as her zodiac sign and they have a strong desire for social and corporate stability and I am surprised that this trait perfectly suits the American Actress.

3-Never Ending Popularity

The Pop singer, Melek’s song named The Karma Not Pretty has over 300,000 views which show her vast popularity. This is incredibly amazing to know!


The actress, Temara Melek is called as Melek by her family and close friends as to show a sweet gesture towards her. And that’s lovely!

5- Hair Color

The long, silky, straight hair is her identity as she holds dark brown hair color which perfectly matches her personality. Undoubtedly, she looks gorgeous!

6-Eye Color

Her appealing, deep eyes adds charm and glam to her persona which is undeniable. She holds a unique eye color Hazel which multiplies her beauty.

7- The Young Star

The singer-model, Temara Melek is 23 years old and has achieved more than her age. This is a huge win for her that she has achieved much recognition and lasting success in her career.

8- What She loves

The actress, Temara Melek loves to style herself, which is apparent in her pictures. Her Instagram is full of captivating photos of herself and her fans can’t stop praising her beauty.

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