8 Things You Didn’t Know About Thakur Anoop Singh

Thakur Anoop Singh was born on (23rd March 1989) is an Indian on-screen character. He played Dhritarashtra in the 2013 TV serial Mahabharat. In 2015 he won a gold award in a working out challenge in Bangkok, Thailand. His tribal roots lie in Udaipur, Rajasthan, and he is a Rajput.  Here are some more things that you didn’t know about him. So, let’s have a look!

Thakur Anoop Singh

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Thakur Anoop Singh

1- Thakur Anoop Singh As Mr. World (Gold Medalist)

Indian bodybuilder, Thakur Anoop Singh earned the title of ‘Mr. World’ by winning a gold medal in a world working out the meet in Bangkok, Thailand. The competitor was contending with competitors from 47 nations and won a gold award in the “Fitness Physique” category of the seventh WBPF (World Bodybuilding and Physique Championships).

2- He Is A Trained Pilot

In 2013, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) included Thakur Anoop Singh’s name in the renowned FAA Airmen Certification Database. Nonetheless, he needed to pick acting over flying because of conditions. In a 2014 meeting with Tellychakkar.com he had stated, “When downturn assumed control over the world, the aircraft division was severely stung. I simply must be certain that whatever I decided to do straight away, I expected to give up myself to it and appreciate doing it. This demeanor did something amazing for me when I got a lovely stage like Mahabharat to get into acting. Having said this, I am as yet a pilot holding a present Pilot permit.”

3- An Acclaimed Actor

Anoop Singh assumed the role of Dhritarashtra in Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s 2013 TV arrangement ‘Mahabharat’. The youthful on-screen character considers this open door as a groundbreaking encounter. He had told Tellychakkar.com, “Mahabharat has been a groundbreaking encounter for me in fact. It is insane and astonishing simultaneously when even children as little as six years of age remember me as Dhritarashtra when they see me strolling with long hair. I accept that with acknowledgment comes certain duties and I am caught up with satisfying that.”

4- He Has A Victor Of Bronze Medal

The 25-year-old Anoop Singh won Bronze in Men’s Fitness Physique (Senior) class at 49th Asian Bodybuilding and Physique 2015 held in Tashkent. This year the Indian group gave its best execution ever in this Championship. In Men’s Bodybuilding area, Moirangthem Robi and Arambam Boby Singh won gold awards Yumnam Mamota won gold in Women’s Bodybuilding segment. The Indian group won 3 Gold, 4 Silver and 5 bronze awards altogether.

Bronze Medal Winner

5-  Fit Factor At Body Power India

Thakur Anoop Singh was the sprinter up in the current year’s Fit Factor at Body Power India Expo held in March. It was the second appearance of the UK’s biggest wellness expo in India. The parameters for partaking models were half physical make-up and half ‘Fit Factor’. Wellness industry specialists and top models made a decision about this challenge. While Anoop Singh was the sprinter up in Men’s classification, Pranav Dilip Shelatkar was the victor and Updesh Singh Saluja was the second next in line.


6- An Avid Dog Lover

Anoop Singh is a canine sweetheart and separated from being joined to hardly any NGOs who work for stray pooches, he gives nourishment to stray mutts close to his general public. Discussing his adoration for hounds he had disclosed to The Times Of India, “Canines give you boundless love and in any condition. These days when I am away from home portion of the time he will simply bounce on me at whatever point he welcomes me and will lick me.” He likewise possesses a Great Dane whom he has named Oscar.

7- Anoop Singh’s Quotation

Point is to use your rejection into your projection! The only difference between your dream and your reality lies in your determination to get the job done!!! Don’t let small minds tell you that your dreams are too big!”
–Thakur Anoop Singh.

8- A Famed Actor, Bodybuilder And Internet Celebrity

With his prosperity an entertainer and muscle head, Thakur has caught the consideration of a large number of spectators around the globe. His hard-working attitude is the thing that moves his fans to seek after their very own fantasies and objectives. His great build is a case of what difficult work and commitment to wellness can bring. There’s much more to originate from Thakur – he’ll make certain to beauty the TV screens and wellness appears for a considerable length of time to come.

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