8 Things You Didn’t Know About Troy Roberts

Troy Roberts Biography

Every day on CBS News, Troy Roberts demonstrates his talent as a well-known TV news anchor. Since the early 1980s, he has been involved in media journalism. He is currently based in New York, where he hosts CBS News’ flagship show 48 Hours Mystery. His soaring popularity piques the interest of his fans and audiences in his personal life. And, more often than not, people want to learn more about him. As a result, we’ve provided some previously unknown facts about him below.
Troy Roberts
Troy Roberts

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Troy Roberts

1. Creator Of OWN Network Documentary

In 2015, Roberts created and co-executive produced the OWN network documentary Sag Harbor. The show provided a never-before-seen look inside one of America’s most exclusive and historically significant African-American beach communities, The Hamptons in New York. [1]

2. Emmy Award Winner

Troy Roberts has received widespread acclaim and recognition for his coverage of numerous major news events. Troy Roberts received an Emmy Award in 1996 for his significant news coverage of the ‘Centennial Olympic Park Bombing.’

3. Cover Variety Of News Events

Troy Roberts has received widespread praise and recognition for his coverage of a variety of major news events. In 1996, Troy Roberts won an Emmy Award for his significant news coverage of the ‘Centennial Olympic Park Bombing.’

4. Examined Different Stories

Throughout his career, he has investigated stories involving the rise in hate crimes, international adoption scams, an investigation into several destructive cults, and the 9/11 events. As a correspondent, he has covered everything from the devastation caused by hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes to lighter fare like the Royal Wedding and dog sledding in Alaska with model Lauren Hutton. [2]

5. Moved To Newyork For His Work

He relocated to New York to work at another CBS-owned station, WCBS-TV, where he reported for Channel 2’s This Morning and hosted local news segments for CBS Morning News.

6. Private Person

The veteran award-winning journalist has avoided discussing his personal life in public. As a result, it is clear how much of his personal life he keeps private. He is one of those people who prefer not to share every detail of their personal life.

7. Active On Facebook

Despite the fact that he dislikes discussing his personal life. However, the well-known journalist is very active on social media platforms such as Facebook. Where he talks about his work and the latest news.

8. Alternate News Reader

He has also worked as an alternate newsreader for CBS This Morning and as a fill-in anchor for the network’s weekend editions of “CBS Evening News.” Troy also hosted the true-crime show “Hard Evidence.”