8 Things You Didn’t Know About Vikramjeet Virk

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Vikramjeet Virk Biography

Vikramjeet Virk is an Indian model and an actor born on 19 July 1984 in Haryana, India to the Punjabi family of Sukhwant Singh Virk and Harjinder Kaur Virk. Vikramjeet got his early education from Khalsa Sen Sec School and S.D Sen Sec School, later he went to Dehli University for his graduation. A young boy, a young mind, full of fresh colors of thoughts wanted to be a model since his childhood because young Vikramjeet was influenced by the talks of his friends who used to praise him because of his physical appearance and thought that he can be a model. Then there came a day with the rise of the sun rises the fate of young Vikramjeet and he stepped into the fashion industry with high aims. His first project was Lakme Indian Fashion and did many more projects. Well, don’t stop reading this is surely not the end, to know more about Vikramjeet let’s discover some facts!

Vikramjeet Virk

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Vikramjeet Virk

1- Nickname

We all know him by his real name but many of us including his fans don’t know about his nickname. He is called Raja by his loved ones. That’s lovely!

2- Zodiac Sign

The actor’s zodiac sign is Cancer. It seems he was born in the month of July. According to his zodiac sign, his qualities make him a special person, blessed with a kind heart and wise nature.

3-Martial Status

Vikramjeet Virk has been ruling over millions of hearts. The owner of many hearts is still yet to own anyone’s heart and thus is not married now.

4-Fitness Freak

As he is a model so fitness is like oxygen to him thus is very particular about his fitness. That’s the reason, he never skips his gymming and yoga regime.

5- His Interest

There is no end to Virk’s interest as in his blood a sportsman also flows. Among others, he loves swimming and hanging out with buddies.

6-Eye/Hair Color

He has a dark brown eye color which perfectly suits his personality. He had a unique hair color which is found rarely in people which is black.

7- Loves Acting

The most celebrated actor, Vikramjeet Virk has been in a love with his acting profession. The actor is now living his dream life as he pursued acting as a career.

8- His Hobbies

He in his free time like to do horse riding, reading, gymming, and cycling. Apart from this, he loves spending quality time with his family and fellows.

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