8 Things You Didn’t Know About Zoe Margaret Colletti

Zoe Margaret Colletti Biography

Zoe Margaret Colletti was born in Burlington, New Jersey, United States. Zoe Colletti is an Actress by profession, she is an on-screen character, known for “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (2019)”, “Annie (2014)”, and “Wildlife (2018)”. If you are one of her fans then you might be curious in knowing these unknown facts that we’ve discussed below.
Zoe Margaret Colletti
Zoe Margaret Colletti

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Zoe Margaret Colletti

1.  Zoe Colletti’s Impressive Career

Zoe first went into the film business in 2006, when she was cast in the Television movies American Men depicting the role of “Emma Wilson”. She also had a repetitive visitor role in the 2010 period of the show Rubicon. Because of her rising popularity, Zoe has gotten an opportunity to work on three unique tasks. In such a brief period, she has become an incredible image for up-and-coming entertainers.

2. Has A Blended Ethnicity

Considering her family background, she has acquired a blended ethnicity. Her dad Christopher is of Italian and Sicilian beginning while her mom Cheryl originates from the Dutch-German genealogy.

3. Zoe Colletti Likes Horror Movies

Being in a horror movie is a dream for Colletti. She’s young, so the vast majority of the horror movies she’s seen are most recent, yet she said she likes ‘The Shining’. She is a huge enthusiast of movies like this that are a ton of heavenly stuff. Zoi Colletti is additionally an overly huge fan of horror movies that are biopics or real-life horror, like; ‘The Conjuring’. These are some extraordinary horror movies that she loves.

4. But, She Is Afraid Of Watching Horror Movies

She is frightened of horror movies 100% yet she loves to watch them. She is a horrendous check since she lay down with the lights on constantly. There are consistently people in her room under her bed. That is each child’s bad dream, covering up under your bed and having something under your bed. However, featuring horror movies didn’t help to cure her fear of them.

5. “Walking Dead” Fan

Zoe has been a die-hard fan of “The Walking Dead” universe since she was 12 years old. “The Walking Dead: World Beyond” was, in fact, the first show for which she auditioned. She also claims to be a die-hard fan of the franchise. [1]

6. City On A Hill

In Showtime’s series ‘City on a Hill’,  Colletti plays Kevin Bacon’s daughter. Her film Wildlife went to Sundance, she was on a scene of Law and Order: SVU and she was one of the vagrants in 2014’s Annie.

7. Horror Is Zoi Colletti’s Favorite Genre

As Stella Nicholls in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, Colletti gets the opportunity to show the most scope of any of her roles. Stella finds the book Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, which releases beasts on every last bit of her companions. However, Zoi Colletti’s dream role or dream movie would have been, this would have been it. Horror is her favorite genre and she loves to be a part of it.

8.  Zoi Colletti Has Received Numerous Accolades

She has won several accolades including the ‘Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award’ in the year 2014 and 2015. It’s surprising that at such a young age, she gained a lot of fame during her entire career.  


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