Chris Brown gets trolled by fans over thirsty comments on Rihanna’s Instagram post

In an ongoing Instagram post, Rihanna shared an image of herself in her underwear, on the bed with a lamp that gave stylishly engaging shadows to her environment. Be that as it may, it was not Rihanna who picked up everybody’s consideration in the post, paying little heed to her completely appealing appearance. Indeed, it was her ex, the famous Chris Brown, who remarked on that post endeavoring to play with her while needing to be her ‘lamp’.

His remark got an extreme reaction from all the Rihanna fans who saw the destruction of their relationship, recognizing all the bane he dispensed in her life.

The fans slammed him on the post, yet additionally took to twitter to get out his shameless conduct at that point, and his boldness starting at now. They also went the extent that meme images on his remark and changing his occupation on a Wikipedia picture, from vocalist to lamp.

Where one client got out his boldness to coordinate any unequivocal expectations towards her, she additionally emphasized his poisonous conduct which handled her in the medical clinic when they were as one.

However, there was an extreme backlash over social media by netizens who banged the artist for his unethical act. Check out the tweets what social media users said about him after lame comments on Rihanna’s Instagram post.

Another user remarked the incident with a ‘disappointing’ meme.

While another social media user considered him a ‘crack’ for attempting to hit on her once again.

This user, just made Brown’s wishes come true, by supplanting the lamp in the image with his face.

Joaquin Phoenix may require a few lessons on how comedians are truly made after this post. Since the client tossed such an awful conceal on him, his left over ‘notoriety’ may be irretrievable.

While this client also brought the ‘lamp back to light’ by giving Brown what he needed.

At the end of which, this right here left no room for further questions.



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