Malala Yousufzai is looking for some tips for final year at Oxford University

In 2017, Malala Yousafzai shared that she will go to the esteemed Oxford University. Precisely two years back today, the youngest Nobel Prize laureate wrote her considerations in the wake of going to her first since forever address at the college. The 22-year-old at that point stated, “Five years back, I was shot trying to prevent me from standing up for young girls’ training. Today, I went to my first lecture at Oxford.” Presently, Malala is good to go to start her last year at Oxford and she’s looking for counsel. Taking to Twitter, she stated, “Back at college for my last year and I realize it will be the hardest one yet. What are your best survival tips?” Many approached and offered her valuable guidance. And the most important is, you must have fun as much as you can! A year ago, Malala expounded on her life at Oxford in an elite component with British Vogue. “I began my first week at Oxford’s Lady Margaret Hall in October of a year ago. College life is a major change for any understudy and I was no special case,” she composed. “I joined the cricket club, Oxford Union and the Oxford Pakistan Society. I went to talks and film screenings and turned into a visit manual to empowering more youthful understudies, particularly those from under-spoke to gatherings, to apply to Lady Margaret Hall. I made great new companions and I had an excessive number of over-booked days,” she included. Malala ended up, “I need to organize the exercises that intrigue me the most and show signs of improvement thought of what I need my life to resemble post-graduation. I don’t have a clue yet what vocation way I will pick – yet I realize I’ll continue supporting for young ladies and ladies. On the off chance that one young lady with instruction can change the world, simply envision what 130 million can do.”  

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