Noor Jehan’s daughter Nazia Ejaz pays her a reverence with her paintings

The legendary singer Noor Jehan’s youngest daughter Nazia Ejaz took her Official Instagram to pay tribute in an honor of her mother on her birthday. Nazia Ejaz is a well-known artist who has successfully build a niche for herself at the local and international art market. However, with continuous efforts, she has gained much recognition for her amazing art work.

In a recent Instagram post, Noor Jehan’s daughter, Nazia Ejaz shared an image paying reverence to her mom on her birthday. Noor Jehan, also known as Malika e Tarannum (Queen of Melody), was born on September 21, 1926, and her daughter Nazia Ejaz paid her a tribute as an oil painting of her image, on a gold leaf canvas which she posted on her Instagram with a cherishing subtitle.


“The Queen, oil and gold leaf on canvas, 48 x 40 inches. It’s my maa’s birthday today. With this picture, I commend the individual who resulted in these present circumstances world on this day and made it a superior spot by simply being here. Her voice has alleviated our spirits her character has propelled us to set elevated expectations for ourselves-her style made her a pioneer her enthusiasm called to the fearlessness and penance of our officers. Much thanks to you. ”

Three weeks back, Nazia Ejaz shared another image of herself with the late legend, thinking back her very own birthday when her folks were alive.

Nazia Ejaz keeps on thinking back her precious memories shared on her Instagram account, alongside making better than ever art in her name. She adorns her feed with different types of plans which she tastefully makes and advances. Here are a couple of different artworks that she made and posted in the legend’s respect.

The artist keeps on remaining enjoyed redesigning her mom’s excellence on canvas, as this artistic creation is by all accounts shared seven days prior and is at present in progress.


While this one is a pair tone delineation of the vocalist in her mark saree and evergreen face, remembering the subtleties of the eye make-up and her demeanors while singing.

While this one is a 16-year-old screen print of the exceptional and crucial ability, ‘the light of Ejaz’s reality and the lady who reigned in the specialty of music for whatever length of time that she lived.



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