A Swedish film festival puts the crowds under hypnosis

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  • February 1, 2022 at 10:57 am #243378

    Gothenburg Film Festival director Jonas Holmberg in southwest Sweden said that, “We have built this hypnotic cinema to experiment with the film experience, to challenge our ideas about how to watch a film,”

    On Sunday, the first trial session took place in evening in front of a few dozen visitors because of Covid SOPs and restrictions.

    The audience gets to experience the live session of hypnosis with Fredrik Praesto. Before viewing the “Land of Dreams”, Fredrik told the crowd to do some exercises such as holding hands and closing eyes.

    After completing the 20 seconds countdown the audience reopens their eyes, the hypnosis started and the audience can see the film now. To break the hypnosis the audience again did a count down.

    The audience said that the experience had much stronger concentration.
    One of the audience member said that, “You get rid of all the noises and the distractions and all of that and also with the sound you really get into the movie”.

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A Swedish film festival puts the crowds under hypnosis

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