Cardi B Reacts To The Video of Students Throwing Chairs at Teacher

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    Cardi B reacts to the video in which students are throwing chairs at the teacher. Therefore, she says that this generation is really lost. The rapper gave an emphatic tweet on Thursday subsequent to seeing a viral video from a Texas center school. The video shows students throwing and beating a substitute educator with a metal seat. Which hurt his head and caused blood gash. The upsetting film from DeSoto ISD in a suburb of Dallas. In which the educator seems to answer by throwing two seats at the shouting students following the attack. However, it closes with the man wiping blood off from his head as he sits down at his work area.

    As per CBS 11, after the incident occurred at DeSoto West center school on Wednesday, classes were postponed on Friday. With instructors and teachers requested to report and work to examine changes in security approaches nearby. Among the new standards rules to be set up after the forthcoming spring break . The restrictions are on students using of phones or earphones in the class. The school is likewise purportedly intending to increment hallway observing.

    The country is confronting an extraordinary lack of teachers following the worldwide pandemic COVID-19. The Texas Tribune announcing this week that the state’s Gov., Greg Abbott, has guided the Texas Education Agency to shape a team to analyze his state’s educator lack.

    Talking to the Twitter of Cardi B.

    Moreover, Cardi B took to her twitter and shared her reaction about this incident. While sharing the video, she wrote: “Disgusting this generation is really lost … I went to school wit a lot of gangstas and no matter what they never put their hands on a teacher.…Kids this is not respected,not cool,not funny,not tough,not gangsta ….it’s giving y’all pussy.”

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