Charly Boy Turns Barber for Daughter, Barbs ‘Gorimapa’ for Her, Fans React

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    Veteran star Charly Boy has intrigued sweet responses via online media. In the wake of posting a video showing a charming second among him and his girl. The veteran entertainer was seen cuting his girl’s hair. As he related doing it as a discipline about 10 years prior. However, Charly turned into a barber for her daughter. The video got responses from internet users with many calling attention to the likeness among dad and his girl. Legendary Nigerian artist, Charly Boy, as of late posted a cute dad and little girl moment video on Instagram. Therefore, He shared the clip to the joy of his followers and fans.

    The adorable video caught the Nigerian performer helping his beautiful little girl cut her hair. In the post caption, Charly Boy related how the activity had been a discipline for the woman about 10 years prior. However, he called attention to that the hair loss. His daughter cried about years prior has now turned into her brand name.

    Veteran Nigerian Charly Boy posted the video clip on Monday, 21st February. In addition, He wrote in caption: “The first time I cut her hair was over a decade ago, for being a naughty girl. It was to serve as punishment. Then, my baby cried her heart out as if I kill somebody Baldness was to become her trademark, Bald head Princess.” Fans stormed the post with more than 12K likes and hundreds of sweet comments. One Instagram user called her daughter Beautiful Princess. While others praised Charly for being the best dad.

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