David Moya Surprises KCSE Candidate with Flowers, Card From Mum Who Lives Abroad

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    Tiktok star David Moya is known for giving surprises to his fans with a partner recording the second behind the scenes. The content maker is extremely innovative to such an extent that his activities leave his clueless fans in a wonderment. This most recent trick by the artist was adored by his fans as it’s a better approach for introducing achievement cards to applicants countrywide. David Moya has amazed one more fan with a wonderful message as she holds on to begin her KCSE assessment. In a video posted by the viral TikTok star, he appeared to have changed the round of introducing achievement cards as he did his standard dance while introducing a card and a bundle of roses to a clueless school young girl.

    The young woman was sitting and was confused by David’s show as she never thought about it. She measured her hands in dismay as spectators took pictures. During Valentine’s, he reached Nairobi and he introduced roses to ladies all around the country while having a heartfelt melody in his experience.

    Moya revealed who sent him to convey the cards

    This was past smart, as nobody suspected a triumph card could be conveyed in such a way. Moya composed on his Tiktok inscription that the youngster’s mom sent him to convey the card and the blossoms as she was abroad and she was unable to convey them herself. Moya should have been visible putting the bunch of roses on the floor before he started his dance and when the young lady saw the show was for her, she was lost for words. The youngster was thrilled with the demonstration of warmth as it was truly smart and she wound up embracing the artist while having tears. David captioned the video: “This particular mom who lives abroad sent me to surprise her daughter with a success card”.

    Moya has pulled such tricks on clueless netizens, and it is normally such an ‘aawh!’ second to his followers as he gets a ton of comments. Before the end of last month, the artist shared a wonderful video of him supporting Corazon Kwamboka. After she uncovered that she was single. The content maker could then be seen showing off some dance moves to the supporter who was this time reverently gazing in dismay. Towards the finish of the video, the mother of two participated in the hit the dance floor with a similar energy and soul as Moya. Davis, having accomplished his objective of spreading great and inspirational tones. He gave a high five to the thrilled excellence. They then, at that point, headed out in different directions.

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