David Ndii’s Wife Mwende Gatabaki Met Economist at Age 14:, Says ‘He Was Sharp, Handsome’

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    David Ndii’s spouse said she is the fundi of the house and is generally the one fixing things in the house while the cooks occasionally. Mwende Gatabaki uncovered that she met him when she was in secondary school at the age of 14. She also revealed that he was her siblings’ companions. She is one of the participant running for the Kiambu gubernatorial positions. Kiambu gubernatorial competitor Mwende Gatabaki has gotten serious about her marriage with top business analyst David Ndii. While showing up on the Wicked Edition show, David’s Mrs uncovered that she meet with the economist at the age of 14, and he was her sibling. She said he used to visit their home many times.

    Mwende said in a statement: “He used to come and visit my brothers. And I thought this dude is not bad looking. One time he came visiting and my brothers were not there”. Ndii’s wife added: “He had that level of confidence such that he did not just go away. And I was reading a Physics and book and from that we had a discussion”. Mwende also uncovered that their guardians never permitted anybody to insult Jomo Kenyatta in their home. Yet Ndii would come to their home and reprimand the founder of the country. She likewise shared that as opposed to what the vast majority accept, David is a great cook and would, every once in a while, make dinners for the family.

    Mwende uncovers interesting things about her marriage with David.

    With regards to fixing things like the refrigerator or bulb, She is the person who does that. She expressed that she would get a stool and he would remain there asking what’s going on and she would clarify it for him as she fix it. She said, I am the fundi at home. David’s spouse explained that she doesn’t utilize her hubby’s name since she was unable to change her visas and official records when she was working for the UN, so she selected to keep her father’s name.

    In a different story, Ndii said despite the fact that defilement stays a test in Kenya. He seemed to recommend it is a non-issue. He says the workplace of the Directorate of Public Prosecution and EACC can freely manage the vice. David tried to remind his fans that UDA is the essence of Kenya. Adding that Kenya is as unprincipled as crime.

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