DJ Koo Jun Yup announces his marriage to top Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu

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    Koo Jun-yup is mostly also known by his professional name DJ Koo. He is a renowned South Korean disc jockey, DJ and singer. He is known as the member of the 1st-generation electronic duo Clon. Hsi-yuan Hsu who is known by her stage name Barbie Hsu is a popular Taiwanese actress. The actress is best known for her role Shan Cai in the 2001 Taiwanese romantic tv series “Meteor Garden”. The barbie recently got divorced from Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei. After three months of divorce the actress tied the knot with the Korean singer. DJ Koo revealed the news of his marriage with Barbie on Tuesday. On March 8, Jun Yeop also called DJ Koo has reported his marriage with Hsu on his Instagram handle where he shared their origin story.

    They were really a couple back in the 1990s and when he heard about Barbie’s separation, he promptly called her with a similar phone number he had from 20 years prior. Barbie and DJ Koo initially met in 1997 during a show in Taiwan. They dated quietlyfor a year however had chosen to separate.

    Barbie tied the knot with a Chinese businessman Wang Xiaofei in 2011. One of the organizations he claims is S Hotel which is named after Barbie. They have two children and were married since 10 years. They filed legal separation in November 2021. Following this choice, Barbie and DJ Koo rejoined and began dating. It was accounted for that they have as of now enrolled their marriage and won’t hold a wedding function. Furthermore, DJ Koo will move from South Korea to meet Hsu in Taiwan.

    Talking to the Instagram of DJ Koo.

    Dj shared a post on his Ig handle. It reads, “A lot of time has passed and I thought we couldn’t waste more time. She accepted (my feelings) and we decided to live together after registering our marriage”. Barbie Hsu shared this on her Facebook and Instagram handle. Moreover, she added a caption: “Life is uncertain. I cherish the happiness I have in the present. I thank everything that has led me step by step to where I am now.”

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