Eve Mungai Can’t Be Employed because It Will Limit Her Dreams, Says ‘I Know My Worth’

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  • March 19, 2022 at 12:13 pm #248741

    YouTuber Eve Mungai says in a recent interview with Ntv Kenya that she can’t be employed. Mungai left netizens with blended responses in the wake of saying on public TV that she can’t work as an employee because that she knows her value. The 21-year-old YouTuber said being employed will dial her back to a point she can caught dead without accomplishing everything she could wish for. A few social media users encouraged her to lower herself and realize that the future is not predictable. While others hailed her for being strong. Content maker Eve Mungai has shared that she can’t search for work. Since that will slow her from accomplishing the objectives and vision she has throughout everyday life.

    The young Youtuber was on The Wicked Edition with interviewer Dr King’ori where she expressed her thoughts. Eve also said that she can never be broke again in her entire life.

    The YouTuber likewise said she realizes she won’t ever be broken. Adding that taking in enough income from making content never stunned her. Her remarks left online users with blended responses in with some expression that she has pride. While others recognizing her for knowing what she may or may not be able to throughout everyday life.

    Eve Mungai as of late said that she and her bf are exceptionally focused with regards to utilizing the cash they make. The YouTube star said they typically counsel each other before one chooses to pull out cash for individual reasons. She added that since they ran an organization together. At whatever point they get cash, they need to plunk down and distribute assets to what in particular makes a difference to continue to develop their business.

    Watch the full interview here.

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Eve Mungai Can’t Be Employed because It Will Limit Her Dreams, Says ‘I Know My Worth’

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