Fans react to Ushna Shah’s statement about Cousin Marriages

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  • February 23, 2022 at 7:38 am #247011

    Cousin marriages are profoundly predominant in the Pakistan. Many people think of it as a safe choice for their daughters as they probably are aware the man and feels their daughters would be more happy in a known family. Such relations are broadly displayed in Pakistani serials too like we saw in drama Chupke Chupke and is right now seen in Mere Humsafar.

    Actress Ushna Shah has also portrayed such characters as we it has shown in her previous drama Balaa.

    Moreover, Actress Ushna Shah took to her Twitter and posted about his issue. On 19 February, she tweeted on her Twitter handle. In adition, Ushna wrote: “As artists & creators we should stop encouraging cousin romances in dramas. Generations of cousin marriages have resulted in countless health issues & birth defects in children such as thallassamia & learning disabilities. Let’s take this seriously.” Some of her fans agreed with her stance and commented their thoughts about the issue. While, other’s criticized and trolled her as she has also been a part of dramas which romanticize cousin marriages.

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Fans react to Ushna Shah’s statement about Cousin Marriages

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