Francis Atwoli’s daughter shares about ex who wanted to utilize father’s name

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    Francis Atwoli’s little girl Maria Atwoli revealed that the one thing she was unable to endure is a man who isn’t man enough. The law graduate disclosed an occurrence where a guy she dated didn’t act like a man enough for her. That is why she broke up with him. Francis Atwoli, Maria’s dad, is a chief and he hobnobs with the arrogant in the country. Focal Organization of Trade Unions (COTU) owner Francis Atwoli’s little girl Maria recalls when she unloaded an ex of hers. After he requested that she call her father when they got come by traffic cops. She expressed she needed to push with the separation. Since she didn’t consider the demonstration manly.

    The law graduate noted she thought of it as insignificant. However she was pissed when the person requested that she let the police know who her father was Maria composed: “I’ve just rem one petty reason That made me dump someone. Tumeshikwa na Traffic cops instead ajitete kama mwanaume akasema Babe tell them who your dad is. Never been pissed like that before.”

    That her ex-buy needed to carry her dad’s name into the wrongdoing didn’t agree with her by any means. This had her fans inquiring as to whether it was truly unmanly when one call from her dad would have settled everything. A portion of her supporters said that they would have done the specific thing. Requested that she call the COTU secretary general. Fans rushed to respond to the woman’s post with blended responses.

    Atwoli’s daughter Maria celebrates her birthday.

    Recently it was reported of COTU chief, Francis Atwoli’s daughter Maria Atwoli, turned one more year older. She celebrated her big day on 25th January 2022. Maria and her companions ate at a city inn. There she cut the cake and imparted it to her crew. The graduate shared some photographs and recordings on her instagram stories from her birthday celebration.

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Francis Atwoli’s daughter shares about ex who wanted to utilize father’s name

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