Joy Behar falls on ‘The View,’ face-plants in front of audience

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    Joy Behar is a popular American actress, tv host comedian and writer. Behar co-host the daytime talk show The View on ABC. The host is the original panelist on The View who is still regularly appearing. Joy is the most latest dscussed topic. The redhead star falls on the floor hard on the set of The View on Thursday. The comedian was leaving in front of an audience toward the beginning of the live show when she took a tumble just before getting to her seat. Cameras caught Joy face-planting on the stage, with the emotional vision radiated out to crowds across the nation. The co-host Sara Haines and legitimate Sunny Hostin were heard heaving before they reached to help Behar to get back on her feets. The talk show’s moderator Whoopi Goldberg additionally hurried over to watch out for the veteran actress, telling her to simply stand.

    The star required the help of Haines and Hostin to get up on her feet, and a production associate additionally ran on the stage for added help. She didn’t experience any severe injury, and was able to forge ahead with the show.

    While the bothered host may not be fast on her feet, Behar joked off the face-plant disaster with her speedy mind. “Twenty-five years, that has never happened — who do I sue?!”. The longtime entertaining woman joked as she took a seat at the table. The star later become serious, let anybody know who experiences a tumble to screen their side effects. The comedian said: “The main thing — just to talk seriously — when Bob Saget fell, he died”. If you hit your head, and you feel dizzy or you have blurred vision, or you feel like you want to go to sleep, go to the doctor. Because that will kill you.” She ended it up on stating’I am a klutz!’. Joy’s fall is the most recent feature incident for The View veteran host, who previously showed up on the show back in 1997.

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