Justin Dean Accuses Wife Korra Obidi Cheating Among Other Reasons for Divorce

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    Famous Nigerian artist, Korra Obidi’s American spouse, Justin Dean, has now shared some reasons behind why he needs to separate from Korra. It is no longer news that the couple are going through significant issues. Only days after Korra blessed with their second baby girl. Justin accuses his wife of cheating among other issues of divorce. In a comment posted on the web, Dean noticed that he was burnt out on his spouse’s cheating besides other things. His disclosure caused a great deal of buzz via online media as fans responded in various ways. The dad of two noticed that Korra was cheating on him. In his post, he shared that he was fed up of her cheating, absence of responsibility and self-absorption.

    Not halting there, Dean clarified that he had been attempting to make their marriage work since 2018. And that at whatever point he doesn’t do the very thing she says, she separates from him. Justin likewise added that he had been a detainee that has his family utilized against him. At whatever point Korra didn’t get what she needed.

    Korra Obidi breaks silence about her divorce.

    Korra and Dean’s marriage was significantly respected by individuals. A large number of them vouching for things to work out between the celeb couple. Fans had a ton to say about Justin’s cheating allegations against Korra. Obidi has now ended her quiet as respects to her marriage issues in another video posted on the web. A video has gotten out and about of the famous artist at last shouting out after her oyinbo spouse, Justin Dean, reported that they were getting separated. In the video, Korra who had all the earmarks of being more settled than her standard disorderly self. She disclosed to fans that she was okay. As per her, she is completely dedicated to dealing with her baby and furthermore dealing with herself.

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