Kangana Ranaut says ‘Nepotism Was Never My Problem’

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    Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut is the most outspoken actor of the industry. The actress is coming up as a host in upcoming reality show. Lock Upp is the reality show launched by Ekta Kapoor. Kangana’s collabration with Ekta has put nepotism in the spotlight again. People are criticizing the actress on nepotism.

    However, nepotism was never a problem for Kangana. She was against harassment and bullying. Therefore, Kangana was never against nepotism.

    In a recent interview with India Ahead News, the Thalaivi actor replied to the critics. Kangana spoke in favor of Ekta Kapoor. When the interviewer asked Kangana about nepotism. She replied: “Nepotism was never my problem. The problem was ganging up on outsiders because of nepotism. There is a difference. If you are doing your job quietly, no problem. But to say ‘ye outsider hain, ye yaha nahi hone chahiye because ye humare baap dada ki jagah hai (these are outsiders and shouldn’t be here because this is our forefathers’ place), isn’t it wrong? Ekta has never been a part of a bully gang, that I can assure you.”

    Moreover, The actress took to her Instagram and shared the video clip in which she talked about nepotism. The video is posted by one of Kangana’s fan page. Ranaut also shared her point of view on the Hijab ban.

    Check out the full interview here.

    [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HSUDXn360Jc%5D

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