Lili Reinhart says goodbye to Riverdale

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  • August 24, 2023 at 11:11 am #312308

    As the day have arrived, the finale of the TV series Riverdale is here, and Lili Reinhart become somewhat emotional on saying goodbye to Riverdale TV series. But she adds:

    ‘I really do love Betty’. ~ Betty Cooper is character played by Lili Reinhart in Riverdale series.

    In January, Reinhart grappled with intense emotions, frequently shedding tears as she thought about it,” Reinhart told EW in a March interview, predating the SAG-AFTRA strike. “However, February brought relief, followed by a similarly steady March. The emotional tides ebb and flow.”

    “Long-running shows universally face this,” she added. “The upcoming end is undeniably sorrowful. I realize I won’t participate in another season 7.”

    Riverdale series poster

    During the interview, Reinhart hadn’t yet shot the series finale but was already reminiscing about portraying Betty Cooper. “Betty holds a special place in my heart,” she expressed. “A character and a woman I deeply cherish. It’s an honor to embody her.”

    Lili Reinhart from Riverdale series

    Reinhart also shared her sentiments about her co-stars:

    “We’re a family; their absence will be felt. Excitement for their futures tempers the sadness,” she said. “While I try to embrace the present, the last episode’s approach looms with inevitable tears. I anticipate a mess of emotions.”

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Lili Reinhart says goodbye to Riverdale

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