Lulu Hassan on Working with Hubby, I Stop Being Mad at Rashid Abdalla Before Going on Air

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    Couple working together in the same company or office has never been something simple to find. However, Citizen Tv Swahili anchorperson Lulu along with her spouse Rashid Abdalla have impacted the world forever by working in Citizen Tv together. During an Interview in Tanzanian Tv Station last year, the anchor uncovered her experience and dares of working with her spouse. She expressed how it is to work in a similar office. Including everyday public investigation towards their marriage. Lulu Hassan said that working with Rashid is an essential part in solidifying their relation. The Citizen TV anchor added Kenya would be a long ways ahead on the off chance that employers permitted couples to do job together. She likewise revealed a portion of the difficulties they face. While making shows like Zora and Maria through their creation organization.

    Popular Citizen TV anchorperson has stood up on what it resembles to work close by her hubby Rashid Abdalla. Addressing Nick Odhiambo and Jeff Koinange on Hot 96, Lulu said it is amazing co-working in new channel with her husband. Lulu further added that more businesses ought to permit couples to cooperate. She also added that working with her husband guarantees they tackle their issues rapidly.

    Lulu likewise talked about the progress of Maria and Zora. The show was delivered by their organization Jiffy Pictures. She said one of the difficulties they face underway is hatred from other actors. On the other hand, It was previously reported that Lulu shared an old photograph, when she was a little girl, inspiring many fans. She conceded that it had been a wonderful journey to track down progress. The photograph inspired numerous responses via online entertainment. With numerous netizens lauding her modesty.

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