Madam Saje, Mama Ereko, Fali Werepe & Yetunde Wunmi Dance at Laide Bakare’s House Warming Bash

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    Laide Bakare’s house warming bash likewise had an actress Yoruba as a guest. They has a good time while celebrating with her. Madam Saje, Mama Ereko, Yetunde Wunmi, and others leaped to their feet as they doled out various dance moves while the band performed. Regardless of their ages, the ladies shakes their bodies and their blissful dance started various responses. Yoruba famous actors marched out to celebrate with their associate Laide Bakare at the house warming party of her house worth N100 million. As the lady marched out in their organized asoebis, a portion of their more seasoned associates didn’t remain back at home.

    Famous entertainers Madam Saje, Mama Ereko, Fali Werepe, and Yetunde Wunmi likewise appeared in their purple and white apparels. A video of the four lady showing off their dance moves while shaking their bodies. Therefore, a music band played was an extraordinary highlight the elegant party. The entertainers stood next to each other under the tent as they joyfully chimed in with the band.

    Mixed reaction’s came in the wake of the video got viral. Fans couldn’t stop gushing over the ladies amazing dance moves while enjoying the house party. Famous Nigerian star, Laide Bakare, is presently the pleased proprietor of another mansion. Recently she took to virtual media to show off her new mansion. In a post, Laide Bakare was seen displaying her old mother the new mansion. and she was left in wonderment. The entertainer’s mom then continued to sing and move as she communicated extraordinary happiness over her girl’s accomplishment. She likewise showered wishes on the movie star. As indicated by Laide, she has been making her mom glad since her young age.

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