Minnie Dlamini is heart broke over Riky Rick’s death

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  • February 24, 2022 at 10:02 am #247154

    Minnie Dlamini had a grave reaction to the news that rapper Riky Rick had allegedly ended his own life. The character got a surge of reactions from followers taking to Twitter to express her heartbreak. Minnie’s affirmation that the news might have been with regards to her demise was to the point of setting off the alerts.

    Minnie Dlamini sent shockwaves when she declared that she and her husband has filed for divorce after four years of marriage. The model presented business as usual when she tweeted with regards to her disappointment following the demise of rapper Riky Rick. On Wednesday morning, the rumours of rapper’s alleged suicide at his home in the north of Joburg previously surfaced on internet.

    The speculation was powered by a tweet the rapper had composed shortly before ending his own life. At that point, nothing had been suspected until the main report from Sunday World broke news.

    From then, friends and fans have came online to mourn the demise of Riky Rick. While others criticized cyberbullying, as this is revealed that he committed sucide. Later, Minnie’s tweet shocked her fans when she post the extent of her devastation. Minnie tweeted: “I won’t tell a word of a lie: I am broken!!! Today’s news could’ve easily been me.” However, some users started bashing and said that she is making this about her. While others understand and supported.

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Minnie Dlamini is heart broke over Riky Rick’s death

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