Portable Loses Letter H on His Expensive Diamond Necklace, Fans React

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  • April 6, 2022 at 8:36 am #250640

    Renowned Nigerian vocalist, Portable is back again with one more point after a video of him arose on the web. The artist was seen yelling in the wake of losing the letter H in his customized diamond chain worth millions in Abuja. Nigerians have responded variously to the news. However, the greater part of them accused the artist’s unpleasant way of life as a significant reason for the loss. Controversial singer Portable has been blooming with discussions. Since he burst into standard diversion and he appears to getting fun out of it. The singer shared recordings of his amazing time in Abuja as of late. Therefore, in one of the clips, he appeared to have lost the alphabet H of his costly altered diamond chain.

    The Zazoo singer in his standard style was among a large number of individuals. Who were yelling his name. The undeniable loss of the letter H can be located in the Dr Zeh chain he as of late gained. The alphabet H from Dr Zeh can be seem missing in the video. The customized diamond chain has left with Dr Ze as H is lost.

    Nigerians respond to the misplace of alphabet H in Portable’s diamond chain. Social media clients over the nation had various comments about the loss of the alphabet H in Portable’s costly diamond customized chain worth million naira. The vast majority of them accused his uneven way of life.

    Portable joins the list of expensive jewelry owners.

    Meanwhile, previously it was reported that Portable joined the rundown of costly adornments owners. As he went a little overboard cash on a necklace. The diamond modified chain has Dr Zeh composed intensely on it. However, This came after the vocalist handled an arrangement with business tycoon Obi Cubana. While certain Nigerians complimented Portable. Moreover, Others really wanted to inquire the validness of his most recent purchase.

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Portable Loses Letter H on His Expensive Diamond Necklace, Fans React

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