Regina Chukwu adds her Beauty on public display as she celebrates her birthday

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    Nollywood entertainer Regina Chukwu has taken the social media by storm. The actress took to her social media handle to share delightful photographs as she celebrates her birthday bash. The star turned 42 years old today. Regina posted her impressive photographs on 23rd March 2022. Photographs shared on her Instagram handle caught Regina Chukwu parading her curves in beautiful leap suites and conventional attires. Regina Chukwu communicated blessing to God for the latest age, expressing that she is as yet breathing regardless of whether she have enough. The single parent of two encouraged her fans and associates to adulate God for her benefit and embrace her any place they see her since she merited it.

    As indicated by Nigerian actress Regina Chukwu, she has been a widow for a long time regardless holding it down. It been almost 20 years since her husband died. However, the strong women Regina is parenting her kids alone. Sunday Nwafor passed away just after four years of marriage with Regina.

    Taking to the Instagram of Regina Chukwu.

    Moreover, while sharing the birthday post, Regina added a caption. It reads: “GINA. It’s my birthday yo!. I am bringing it back to back. Get ready is abt to be hot and sexy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUEEN GINA. You are blessed baby girl. My glam squad is vexing o”. Regina also shared a video, flaunting her traditional outfits.

    Review when Regina Chukwu took to online media to report her relationship separation and commitments never to post any man on her online handle. In a post shared on her Instagram, Regina Chukwu asked her fans and devotees to report her page at whatever point she post any man’s photograph with a long subtitle saying he’s her whole world or life. In another post, Regina said she has acknowledged the relationship sadness and continued on while communicating appreciation to every individual who had determined the status of her.

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