Sean Penn Revealed He Flees Ukraine on Foot, Says He Walked Miles to Polish Border

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    Hollywood Oscar winning actor Sean Penn was in the Ukraine. He flees to the capital Kyiv to record a documentary about Russian invasion of Ukraine. The filmmaker wants to show the word truth about Russian invasion on the country. The president office of Ukraine confirmed that Sean has arrived in Kyiv to film a documentary. After reaching to Ukraine, the actor has visited the president office. He had a talk with the Ukrainian prime minister Iryna Vereshchuk. Also Sean spoke with the military members and local journalists. Days in the wake of visiting the Ukrainian capital Kyiv to record scenes for his documentary about Russia’s invasion. Hollywood director Sean found him among huge number of refugees escaping to Poland, joining the departure by walking.

    The  actor revealed that he and his colleagues has to left their car abandoned at the roadside and walked miles to the Poland border. Approx 368,000 Ukrainian refugees has fleed to the neighbor countries, mostly includes women and children.

    On Tuesday, the actor took to his twitter and revealed about his struggle to reach Ukraine. He wrote: “Myself and two colleagues walked miles to the Polish border after abandoning our car on the side of the road,” Sean wrote in the caption and tweeted with a picture. “Almost all the cars in this photo carry women and children only, most without any sign of luggage, and a car their only possession of value.” However, he didn’t discloed the reason that why he had to left his car abandoned on the road.

    Moreover, In a proclamation last week, the director acclaimed for Oscar-winning characters in “Mystic River” and “Milk” applauded the Ukrainian individuals as “historic symbols of courage”. He also wrote: “If we allow it to fight alone, our soul as America is lost.”

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