Vikings stars have voiced her support for Ukraine

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  • February 26, 2022 at 5:01 am #247274

    Canadian actress Katheryn Winnick have voiced her support for her motherland country Ukraine. Russian is likely to invade her origin county Ukraine. Russia has began airstrikes over the country as the invaded Ukraine on Thursday. The president of Russia Vladamir Putin has warned all other countries that if they will interfere, then they will have to face the consequences greater than any in history. The actress Katheryn Winnick is known for series Viking. She is born in Canada but her ancestor belongs to Ukraine.

    The actress took to her Instagram after Putin attacks on her motherland. She shared pictures and wrote message in support of Ukraine. On Thursday, The Vikings star posted her picture and wrote in caption, ‘”Stand by Ukraine”.

    Canadian actress also shared some pictures on her Instagram stories. In one post she shared a picture of the flag of Ukraine. Moreover, She added a note with the picture, ‘I woke up this morning with texts from my Ukrainian family & friends saying “It has begun”.
    ‘Some feeling, some taking shelter underground & others staying to fight. We are a peaceful country. We do not deserve this war. #STANDWITHUKRAINE’.

    Meanwhile, Russian-American singer Regina Spektor also shared her thoughts about the Russian invasion. However, the singer was born in Moscow before her family left the previous Soviet Union and moved to New York in 1989. She has pondered her Ukrainian and Russian legacy as she shared an extended post regarding the ‘alarming’ events.


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Vikings stars have voiced her support for Ukraine

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