What does Jennifer Lawrence say about body image?

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    The Hunger Games star recently talked about body image. Jennifer Lawrence opened up about her diet “I could never live on a diet,” she wrote in the fitness guru’s new book The Feelgood Plan. Jennifer’s trainer Dalton taught her how to eat, move, and live a sweet but healthy life.

    “I will always thank him for that.” She has always promoted a positive, healthy body image message. The Don’t Look Up star has previously confessed that she tries to find a healthy balance between staying in shape and satisfying in her favorite foods, which properly include burgers and fries.

    Jennifer states she would like everybody, including the industry of Hollywood, to make a new normal-body type. She also admitted that although she allows herself to satisfy. According to Lawrence, she does Pilates every day. “I eat, but I work out a lot more than an ordinary person,” she said.

    Jennifer Lawrence
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