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Albüm Albüm (2016)
Movie Albüm (2016)
Director(s) Mehmet Can Mertoglu
Producer(s) Eytan Ipeker, Yoel Meranda
Writer(s) Mehmet Can Mertoglu
Running Time 1 hours, 45 minutes
Release Date 4 November 2016
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A middle-class Turkish couple is far from willing to admit they used adoption as a last resort to build a family, and will do anything to keep it a secret.

Albüm Cast

Şebnem Bozoklu playing as Bahar Bahtiyaroglu

Şebnem Bozoklu
Role Bahar Bahtiyaroglu
Real name Şebnem Bozoklu
Age 42 years old (in 2022)
Profession Actress
Nationality Turkish
Known for Yok Artik
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Müfit Kayacan playing as Cemal Cerbest

Müfit Kayacan
Role Cemal Cerbest
Real name Müfit Kayacan
Age 63 years old (in 2022)
Profession Actor
Nationality Turkish
Known for Abluka
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