8 Things You Didn’t Know About Andrea Demetriades

Andrea Demetriades Biography

Andrea Demetriades has the looks to go along with her obvious talent as an actress. At a time when the ABC and SBS are actively seeking representations of Australia’s multiculturalism, the classically beautiful, dark-haired, brown-eyed actress can play any number of ethnicities. You might think of her as a typical nervous actor. Demetriades, on the other hand, is not the anxious type. She’s intelligent, even if she denies it. She conveys the impression of being thoughtfully goofy. And she is friendly and generous. Let’s look at some more interesting facts about this talented celebrity down below.
Andrea Demetriades
Andrea Demetriades

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Andrea Demetriades

1. Trained Dancer

Andrea, who is originally from Perth, studied Dance at the Western Academy of Performing Arts as well as Communications and Cultural Studies at Curtin University before being accepted into the “National Institute of Dramatic Art”.[1]

2. Directing Experience

Andrea Demetriades’ debut first work as a director is currently screening as part of the Greek Film Festival.  Demetriades co-directed the short with her fellow actress Louisa Mignone, and they both play the leads. [2]

3. Racially Harassed

Andrea Demetriades, an actress, has revealed that she has been racially harassed at work in the past because of her Greek heritage. The Crownies star admitted that she always felt she had to ‘work a little bit harder’ than everyone else in order to succeed in the ‘cutthroat’ industry. [3]

4. Acted In Italian

Aside from the new challenges of directing a film, Demetriades also had to act in Italian, a language she didn’t know for her drama “Latte e Miele.” Despite the challenges, Demetriades described acting in a foreign language as somewhat liberating.

5. Theatre Achievements

She was nominated for a Green Room Award in 2009 for her performance in Bell Shakespeare’s Pericles, and she toured Australia in Bell Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night in 2010.

6. Strong Work Ethic

Andrea has a strong determination towards her work. She explained that her strong work ethic stems from her grandmother’s stories about the difficulties her family faced while attempting to start a new life in Australia.

7. Private Person

She keeps her work in one box, her family in another. Andrea doesn’t consider herself to be secretive. It’s simply easier to separate a century of historical grievance from judgmental colleagues and a legal system

8. Best Known Performance

Demetriades is best known for her portrayal of “Lina Badir” in the TV series “Crownies”. The series follows a group of solicitors fresh out of law school who work with Crown Prosecutors.