8 Things You Didn’t Know About Anzela Abbasi

Anzela Abbasi Biography

An emerging face of the Pakistani television industry, Anzela Abbasi is the daughter of the famed Pakistani actor, director, screenwriter Shamoon Ali Abbasi, and actress Javeria Abbasi. Anzela Abbasi has stepped into the field of showbiz and has appeared in many serials. She is popularly known for appearing in the serial “Baby” which was aired in 2017. Subsequently, she then appeared in many serials including “Mein Haar Nahin Manungi” aired in 2018. Anzela Abbasi-1

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Anzela Abbasi

1- Famous for

Among many popular television serials, Anzela Abbasi gave a stellar performance in the most-watched serial “Baby” aired in 2017.

2- Hobbies

Apart from acting, the actress loves dancing, listening to music, and partying with friends in her leisure time.

3- Television Debut

Anzela Abbasi made her first appearance in the television show “Gila” which was aired in the year 2016.

4- She & Social Media

Anzela Abbasi is an avid social media user and loves interacting with her fans and followers on her Instagram account.

5- Relation with Anoushay Abbasi

Anoushay Abbasi who is a great model and actress- is the sister of Shamoon Ali Abbasi and the aunt of Anzela Abbasi.

6- Love for acting

Anzela Abbasi had a love for acting and she decided to pursue acting as a career and after completing graduation, she joined the showbiz career.

7- Admiration

Anzela Abbasi admires her mother Javeria Abbasi (actress) who helped and encouraged her to fulfill her dreams.

8- Known for

Anzela Abbasi is known for her cute smile and acting skills that are enough to win the hearts of the audience.

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