8 Things You Didn’t Know About Dylan Arnold

Dylan Arnold Biography

Of course, Dylan Arnold has recently made an appearance on our screens as we watch the third season of the suspenseful thriller “You” on Netflix. Fans of You who have already started binge-watching the series are curious to learn more about Dylan, so keep reading for some interesting facts about the actor.
Dylan Arnold
Dylan Arnold

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Dylan Arnold

1. Almost Played Two Different Characters on ‘You’

Despite the fact that he wowed viewers as Theo, the Washington native revealed that he auditioned for other roles before joining season 3 of You. [1]

2. Humorous On Playing the Boyfriend Role

Arnold reflected on being typecast as a very specific kind of boyfriend in a video posted to Blumhouse’s official YouTube channel. Arnold joked that he wanted to “let everyone know that I’m actually a pretty good Halloween boyfriend” by taking the time. [2]

3. Theatre Performer

Dylan also participated in stage acting, portraying “Justin” in the critically acclaimed play Good Boys and True in 2019.

4. Break Out Role

“After” was his breakout role. Dylan was getting his romance on as Noah in the 2019 film “After”, which is loosely based on a wildly popular Harry Styles fan-fiction story. Before he was “Theo” on “You”.

5. Strong Bonding With Family

Though he isn’t very active on Instagram, Dylan does take the time to show his love for his family, which includes his older brother Jordan.
Dylan Childhood pic with his brother
Dylan Childhood pic with his brother

6. Feature Film Debut

Arnold’s first feature film, Laggies, was released in 2014. In this romantic comedy movie, he plays “Patrick”, opposite “Keira Knightley” and “Chloe Grace Moretz”

7. Professionally Trained Actor

Although he possesses some natural acting talent, he has also received training in order to further his acting abilities, for which he attended the University of North Carolina School of Arts.

8. Initial Role In Acting

With the 2018 American slasher film “Halloween”, he began his acting career. In the film, he played “Cameron Elam”, and in the 2021 sequel “Halloween Kills”, he reprised his role.


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