8 Things You Didn’t Know About Folake Olowofoyeku

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Folake Olowofoyeku Biography

Folake Olowofoyeku plays the lead in “Bob Hearts Abishola,” and she is one of the few actors whose Nigerian roots have been recognized.

Although this is not her first series, it has had such an impact on her career that it has piqued interest in her. The following are some fascinating facts about Folake.

Folake Olowofoyeku
Folake Olowofoyeku

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Folake Olowofoyeku

1. Starring in A Political Show

President Donald Trump has made no apologies for his stance on immigration. His views, however, have not been well-received, and “Bob Hearts Abishola” arrives at an inopportune time. Folake Olowofoyeku plays a Nigerian female lead in the series.

2. Music Lover

Despite majoring in theatre, she still enjoys music. As a result, in addition to acting, Folake uses music as a creative outlet.

3. A Large Family

Family planning, in particular, has only recently been taken seriously in Africa, where large plots of land were sufficient to accommodate large families. As a result, Folake’s parents were eager to have as many children as possible. She is the youngest of about 20 children in her family.

4. Named After A Lawyer

Folake’s parents were so determined for her to become a lawyer that they named their daughter after Nigeria’s first female senior advocate named “Folake Solanke”. Who made history as the first female lawyer in Nigeria to wear a silk gown as Senior Counsel.

5. Didn’t Change her Name

In many African countries, a person’s name is extremely important, and children are named in a specific order. As a result, when an agent asked Folake to change her name in order for the acting industry to be more accepting of her, she declined.

6. Loves Travelling

Folake rarely turns up the chance to travel and make the most of what life has to offer. Folake has visited Thailand, which she considers to be her favorite vacation destination. She was also fortunate enough to travel to the Dominican Republic with a group of friends, and she described the trip as “amazing.” Dubai is another of her travel destinations, and she would like to add Madagascar and Ireland to the list as well.

7. Music runs through her Veins

Folake was born with a musical inclination. Despite her parents’ opposition to her becoming a musician, her father played classical piano and organ, and her brothers taught themselves to play guitar.

8. Sweet Tooth

One of the many traits she inherited from her father, she revealed to Naluda Magazine, is his sweet tooth. As a result, Folake has a weakness for European chocolate. [1]


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