8 Things You Didn’t Know About George Janko

George Janko Biography

George Janko is a well-known actor and writer with extraordinary abilities. You will be surprised to learn that he is a well-trained actor and writer who has worked on a variety of projects. George Janko made numerous brilliant appearances in films and television series throughout his career. With his fantastic acting abilities and scripts, the actor-turned-writer has the potential to win the hearts of many people. So you might be interested in learning some little-known facts about him, which we’ve covered below.
George Janko
George Janko

8 Things You Didn’t Know About George Janko

1. “Logan” And “Jake Paul’ Encouraged Him

Janko stated that he met Jake and Logan at the gym and that they introduced him to Vine. They encouraged him to pursue acting, and their friendship “became more than friendship, it became business partners” soon after. [1]

2. Stays Clear Of Controversies

Fortunately for Janko, he’s been able to avoid Logan and Jake’s inclinations for controversy, instead of focusing on his music and his fans. As he prioritizes staying away from any kind of controversies.

3. Fond Of Cars

Almost all the boys have a huge love for cars. Likewise, Janko is also fond of cars. He has got some really amazing cars in his garage.

4. Has Done A #BottleCapChallenge

As social media users, we are all aware of the extremely popular bottle cap challenge. Janko had also attempted the challenge and had completely nailed it. As he completed the challenge with ease, he used his kick to open the bottle’s cap. [2]

5. Debut

George Janko’s debut album, ‘Without Fame,’ became popular on YouTube and Vine. He then rose to prominence as a recording artist, and his video titled ‘Meet My Crazy Family’ quickly went viral on social media.

6. His Youtube Channel

His early success inspired him to launch his own YouTube channel in September 2016. He began by uploading comedy videos, sketches, and challenges, which earned him over 1.5 million subscribers in a short period of time. [3]

7. Always Wanted To Be A Songwriter

George had always wanted to be a songwriter so that he could express himself through music. As a result, he went on to write and release a couple of songs, including ‘Where’s the Love’ and ‘Feel So Alive,’ with Conor Maynard. The lyrics of the songs were well-received on social media and quickly gained popularity on YouTube.

8. Has His Own Fashion Line

George Janko has been a brand ambassador for a number of companies, including McDonald’s. When he launched his own fashion line, he became an entrepreneur. T-shirts, caps, and jackets with his name printed on them are available for purchase online.