8 Things You Didn’t Know About Hitesh Bhojraj

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Hitesh Bhojraj is an aspiring Indian film Actor, who has worked primarily in Bollywood. The actor’s most famous and the latest film to hit the theatres was Class Of 83 in the year 2020. He has a lot of fans and ofcourse critics whom he got much appreciation and recognition. There is no doubt that he has the ability to win the hearts of many. What’s more? He is praised for his fine acting skills and charming ways. A lot of people want to know more about him. If you are one of them, then you have arrived at the right place. Here we will tell you 8 interesting facts about his personality which will surely amaze you and you might not know them before.

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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Hitesh Bhojraj

1- Multitalented Personality

We are almost 100% sure that you do not know about his multitalented side of personality. He is an aspiring actor, voice-over artist, and a former theater artist, all at the same time. It is somehow hard to believe but he is a living example!

2- Theater

Hitesh Bhojraj began his acting journey early with Thespo, featuring in Being Sartak Majumdar, a play by Karan Shetty. He acted in numerous other plays too. His acting was praised by both fans and critics.

3- Most Appreciated Performance

Hitesh Bhojraj has made his debut in the Bobby Deol Bollywood film Starred Class of 83. The actor is seen portraying inspector Vishnu Varde in the crime drama and it has brought him a lot of praise by his fans as well as critics.

4- Voiceover Artist

Very few people might know this surprising fact that he went on to become the face for India’s top 8 musicals, where his versatile voice garnered much praise during the portrayal of Gaston in Disney India’s Broadway-style musical, Beauty and the Beast and as the lead star of Wizcraft’s musical, Balle Balle and the iconic lead as Genie in Disney India, Aladdin.

5- Personal Life

Maybe you wanna know about his personal life so here we are telling you that he is single and unmarried. He is enjoying his days in all the fun-filled activities that he loves.

6- His Dancing Skills

It might be an interesting fact about him that we are quite sure that you do not know that he is a skilled dancer too. He got a lot of praise for his flawless dancing skills.

7- Music Videos

It must be quite an interesting fact about him that he has been featured in lots of music videos. The most famous one among all of them is Balle Balle, which brought him, a lot of name and fame.

8- An active Social Media User

He knows how to handle his social media presence. He is an active user of different social media platforms and keeps his fans up to date with his ongoing life.

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