8 Things You Didn’t Know About Kamini Kaushal

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Kamini Kaushal Biography

A veteran, Indian actress, Kamini Kaushal is famous for her admiring acting prowess and brilliant performances. She has predominantly worked in Hindi films, while she is popularly known for appearing in Bollywood movies in which she has played various characters. Mostly, she played the roles of mother in many Indian films, and she got immense love and appreciation from the viewers. She has acted in many films but is best known for making an appearance in ‘Neecha Nagar’ for which she was awarded the 1964 Palme D’Or Cannes Film Festival. And that’s a huge win for her. Also, she is the winner of the Filmfare Award for the category of Best Actress in 1955 for the movie titled ‘Biraj Bahu’. Here we are going to share some lesser facts to get to know more about the adorable lady. So, just have a look!

 Kamini Kaushal

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Kamini Kaushal

1- Real Name

We all know her by her stage name Kamini Kaushal as this name makes her identity in the Hindi cinema and gave recognition. But here you will be surprised to know that her real name is Uma Kashyap.

2- Multiple Professions

The actress, Uma Kashyap aka Kamini Kaushal has been managing multiple professions. Yes… She is not just a great and successful actress, yet a film producer. She has produced many films so far.

3- Physical Appearance

She is 5 feet 6 inches tall. At this age, she still looks smart as her weight is 60kg which is normal according to her BMI. Her eye color is brown and her hair color is white. Well, she looks graceful and many people are fans of her.

4- Zodiac Sign

Kamini Kaushal was born on 24th February 1927 in Lahore, British India. Her zodiac sign is Pisces. People with Pisces are ambitious, independent, and confident in making decisions in life.

5- Well-educated Lady

Here you will be amazed to know that Kaushal holds a bachelors honors degree in the field of English Literature from Kinnaird College, located in Lahore.

6- Loves Writing Stories

Not many of us know that Kamini Kaushal is an avid writer and she loves writing stories. She calls it one of the best-loved hobbies that she loves to do in her leisure time. That’s awesome!

7- Relationship/ Married Life

It is said that Kamini Kausha; was in a relationship with Dilip Kumar when she was young. And later, she married to BS Sood who worked as a Chief Engineer at the Bombay Port Trust. She has kids from him. She has 3 sons and two stepdaughters.

8- Produced an Animated Film

Here you will be surprised to hear that Kamini Kaushal is good at producing films. And what’s more? She has produced an animated film titled ‘Meri Pari’ for which she got huge applause from the viewers.

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