8 Things You Didn’t Know About Ken Leung

Ken Leung, born on January 21, 1970, is an American actor. Leung was born in New York City to Chinese parents and schooled in the Two Bridges neighborhood of Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

For his massive fan following we have gathered some interesting information that will surely pique your mind

Ken Leung
Ken Leung

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Ken Leung

1. He Is From New York

Ken was born in New York and spent several years in Manhattan before relocating to Brooklyn. His family eventually migrated to New Jersey, where he finished high school. He then returned to the city for college, attending New York University. [1]

2. His Career Goal Was Physical Therapy

Ken didn’t want to be an actor his entire life. In fact, he never considered acting as a professional option. He majored in pre-physical therapy when he enrolled at NYU. Someone suggested he attend an acting class during his junior year, and he’s been in love with the craft ever since. [2]

3. Not Interested In Social Media

On the other hand, Ken does not appear to be interested in keeping up with social media. As far as we can tell, he doesn’t appear to have any accounts on any platforms.

4. He Was Cast As Sang In 1998

He didn’t get his first significant film role until he played Sang in Rush Hour in 1998. Not only did the film allow him to work alongside superstars such as Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, but it also catapulted him into the spotlight. [3]

5. Broadway Debut In 2002

Ken got his start in the theatrical industry, and there’s something about performing on stage that he’ll always enjoy, so he goes back as frequently as he can. In 2002, he made his Broadway appearance as a part of the cast of Thoroughly Modern Millie. [4]

6. Lethal Weapon 4 Was Considering Him

Ken was almost cast in another well-known action film franchise, Lethal Weapon. Ken was a candidate for the role of Wah Sing Ku in the film Lethal Weapon 4. Jet Li was cast in the role. Ken was undoubtedly really disappointed when he didn’t receive the part.

7. Ken Likes The Simple Things

Ken has spent more than 20 years in the entertainment world and has not succumbed to the hype. He prefers simple pleasures over glitzy parties and other activities. 

8. His Role In HBO Series

Ken can do a little bit of everything, which is one of the many qualities that his followers admire about him. His most recent part in the HBO series Industry has provided him with yet another opportunity to branch out and share his talent with the world.

Ken Leung in HBO series
Ken Leung in HBO series

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