8 Things You Didn’t Know About Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio Biography

Leonardo DiCaprio has been active in Hollywood since the early 1990s. And he was one of the few to successfully transition from childhood acting to adult acting without having a total mental breakdown. In his youth, he was known as a party animal and a ladies’ man. But he’s now gaining a more inspirational and environmental activist reputation, and we’re not complaining. Although it may feel as if we grew up alongside Leo, there are some facts about him that the general public is unaware of, which we’ve decided to share with you.
leonardo di caprio
Leonardo di Caprio

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Leonardo DiCaprio

1. Environmentalist

He’s not only a successful actor and film producer, but he’s also an outspoken environmentalist, as we mentioned earlier. He has done some amazing things to promote a green lifestyle and intends to carry on his eco-friendly legacy.

2. An Interviewer Called Him Boring

When he was interviewed by TIME magazine, the reporter seemed a little disappointed in the real Leo. Giving the impression that he found it boring that Leo was so interested in today’s environmental challenges.[1]

3. Never Done Drugs

In February 2014, Leo was interviewed and stated that, contrary to what his performance in The Wolf of Wall Street might suggest, he has never used drugs. He may just be a really good actor. He consulted with an on-set drug expert for his role in TWOWS.[2]

4. Named After An Artist

After his pregnant mother happened to be standing in front of one of Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings the first time she felt him kick, DiCaprio was named after the artist.

5. Rivalry

It turns out that Leo and Mark Wahlberg hated each other the first time they met. It happened on the set of Basketball Diaries in 1995 when their energies weren’t quite synchronized. Their mutual respect and friendship developed quickly after the men performed a scene together and recognized each other’s talent.

6. Terrible Singer

Although he is an extremely talented actor, he is not the best singer and we’re rephrasing him. He wanted to be in the musical Moulin Rouge, but his “atrocious” voice was too much for him.

7. His Haircut Was Banned

Following the success of The Titanic, every young man in the world aspired to look like Leo. That bang-in-the-front-and-short-in-the-back hairstyle became so popular in “Western cultures” that some countries outright banned it in order to avoid being associated with it.

8. Sponsors A Young Girl

He went to some nearby orphanages while filming “Blood Diamond” in South Africa. While there, he fell in love with a little girl and, despite the fact that he couldn’t realistically adopt her due to his lifestyle and career. He sends her everything she needs and makes sure she is happy and healthy.