8 Things You Didn’t Know About Meher Pavri

Meher Pavri Biography

Meher Pavri is an Indian actress who is known for the tremendous performances that she has given in movies and web series. While she is mainly known for appearing in ‘Debug’ in 2014, ‘Wedding Season’, and ‘Pixels’ in 2015. Apart from acting, she has been managing her singing career and is known as a professional Opera singer. She has been a part of many operas and musicals for which she got huge applause from everyone including her fans and admirers. That’s brilliant that she has been managing her multiple professions perfectly. And the best is, she is being loved by everyone as her fans never forget to praise her for her achievements and lasting success. Well, let us know more about the stunning actress!

Meher Pavri

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Meher Pavri

1- Multi-talented

Meher Pavri is a multi-talented star who is not just famous for her admiring acting skills, yet amazing singing talent. Yes… She is a lady who is blessed with a melodious voice.

2- Featured in Many Musicals

Meher Pavri has been a part of many musicals and operas for which she got huge recognition and appreciation from her fans and admirers. And that’s a huge achievement in her life!

3- Crowned a Title

The gorgeous actress, Meher Pavri was honored with the title of Miss India Canada in 2007. And she calls it one of the greatest life’s achievements. The best is, she is proud of her Indian heritage.

4- Hobbies

She loves spending her free time with some productive activities including watching movies, swimming, workout, reading books and magazines, etc. She believes that such kind of activities helps her to be a productive person.

5- Her Name & Its Pronunciation

The Indian-Canadian actress, Meher Pavri is known by her real name ‘Meher Pavri’ but her name is pronounced as M-Air. That’s difficult to pronounce but it sounds unique!

6- Avid Social Media User

Meher Pavri is an avid social media user and loves interacting with her fans and followers. She shares a variety of content on her Instagram account where is blessed with more than 4000 followers.

7- Fitness Freak

Pavri is known for being a fitness enthusiast as she never skips a single day of workouts. Also, she takes smoothies and a proper healthy diet to keep herself fit, healthy, and maintained.

8- Favorite Singer

In a Podcast, once Pavri revealed that Lady Gaga is one of the most favorite singers whom she admires the most in her singing career. Lady Gaga is the lady who gave Oscar performance.

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