8 Things You Didn’t Know About Mike Vrabel

Mike Vrabel Biography

Mike Vrabel is a well-known American football coach and former linebacker. Do you know that he is still the head coach of the Tennessee Titans of the National Football League (NFL)? He played at ‘The Ohio State University, where he earned consensus All-American honors and got recognized in the whole country. Many people want to know more about their favorite star football player that’s why we have brought for you, 8 interested and hidden facts about Mike Vrabel that will surely amaze you.
Mike Vrabel
Mike Vrabel

8 facts you don’t know about Mike Vrabel

1. Coach of the famous world footballers

You must be amazed to know this amazing fact about him that he has coached prominent NFL players like J.J Watt, Jadevon Clowney, and Whitney Mercilus.

2. Active on only Twitter!

You will be surprised to hear this interesting fact about him that he uses only one social media platform, Twitter. He doesn’t like social media much and shares very important stuff only.

3. Got a scholarship at Ohio State University

It must be an unknown fact for you that he got a scholarship in the globally acclaimed university, The Ohio State University to study and play at its football team.

4. His full name

You must be amazed to hear this interesting fact about him that Mike Vrabel is not his real name! Michael George Vrabel is his full name but he is known by the name of Mike Vrabel in the sports world. [1]

5. A hidden painter in him!

Many people might not know this amazing fact about him that he hides an artist in himself. He does paintings sometimes and these are worth-praising and very deep.

6. His favorite destination?

He has got a serious passion for travel and he rushes to the tourist hit-spots whenever he gets free. His favorite travel destination is Australia.

7. His dance moves!

You must be amazed to know that your star celebrity loves to dance in his spare time. He feels so much relieved after dance and enjoys it a lot.

8. Sports was in his blood since childhood!

It must be an interesting fact about him that he knows clearly about his profession from his childhood. He started taking part in sports activities in his school days and always left his mark. Initially, he played both baseball and football. Later he keeps only football as his main game.    


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