8 Things You Didn’t Know About Nirmal Soni

Nirmal Soni Biography

Nirmal Soni, an Indian artist, was born on Sep 7, 1978. And his parents are from Bhavnagar. Also, he studied at Seth Gopalji Hemraj High school. The superstar went to the University of Mumbai. He completed graduation there. His mother runs the house, and his dad is a business owner. He lives with his better-half in Mumbai. For his fans, we bring the following 8 things they did not know about him: Nirmal Soni

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Nirmal Soni

1- He is a dog lover

Nirmal Soni is a dog lover. He loves spending time with his pets and his close friends often see them in his house.

2- His Hobbies

Apart from acting, the actor visits unknown places. He tunes into his melodies, and he is an avid novelettes-reader.

3- He is a food lover

It is said that the talented star is a mind-blowing cook. The food-lover loves to gorge on Gujrati edibles such as Vadas.

4- He is a family guy

The actor is known for being a family guy because he loves spending time with them whenever they get free from shoots.

5- Bollywood Experience

The comedian Nirmal Soni praises King of the Bollywood  Shahrukh Khan. Besides, he has shared the screen with Deepika Padukone.

6- His Appearance

Nirmal Soni has a bulky appearance. And he has an easy-going nature and for this, his friends and fellow stars love him.

7- Social Media User

He is an avid social media user as the actor updates profiles on all his social media accounts. And his followers can see videos and photographs.

8- Performance-lover

It is said that the actor-comedian Nirmal Soni loved performing arts. And adored theatres since his childhood.

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