8 Things You Didn’t Know About Raquel Castro

Raquel Castro Biography

Raquel Castro, the endearing and loveable actress who won our hearts in the film “Jersey Girl,” demonstrated her incredible singing and dancing talent to the world. On season one of NBC’s hit show “The Voice.” If you are a fan of this talented singer and actress, you will undoubtedly enjoy reading the following unknown facts about her.
Raquel Castro
Raquel Castro

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Raquel Castro

1. Huge Encouragement From Parents

Raquel’s path to stardom was nurtured and encouraged from an early age, as her father is a singer-songwriter and her mother is an acting coach. Therefore, she also followed in their footsteps and become an actress and singer.

2. Youngest Correspondent

“Raquel was named the youngest correspondent in the history of Entertainment Tonight. There she interviewed high-profile celebrities. Such as “Paula Abdul”, ‘Jim Carey, “Cameron Diaz”, “Queen Latifah”, “Adam Sandler”, and others at the “Kid’s Choice Awards.”

3. Her Youtube Channel

Raquel’s online popularity skyrocketed after she appeared on NBC’s “The Voice.” Her YouTube channel has over a million views, and her cover of Christina Aguilera’s “Ain’t No Other Man” has contributed to that success. [1]

4. Billingual

She is a versatile and bilingual singer. This means she is fluent in two different languages.

5. Music Inspires Her

In an interview, Castro stated that music inspires her. And that she grew up listening to a wide range of musical genres. She enjoys all genres, whether they are “Frank Sinatra” or “Norah Jones.” [2]

6. Considers Social Media Important For Her Career

When asked if she thinks her social media is important for her career, she said emphatically yes. Because it allows her to communicate with her fans.

7. Lost Her Lovely Dog And Showed Her Condolences

In one of her posts on Instagram, she shows her condolences for her lovely dog that passed away. She really has a great love for her pet dog but unfortunately, his time came and he left Castro.
Castro With her Dog
Castro With her Dog

8. Traveling Lover

She, like many other celebrities, enjoys traveling and discovering new places. Castro is seen going to various locations and enjoying herself outside.