8 Things You Didn’t Know About Samantha Bulstrode

Samantha Bulstrode Biography

If you are an avid dance lover and remain up to date with dancers all over the world, you can not say that you haven’t heard the name of Samantha Bulstrode, as she is a globally acclaimed dancer. She is an American who was born on December 11, 2007 (age 14) in the United States. Many people want to know more about her that’s why we have brought for you, 8 interested and hidden facts about Samantha Bulstrode that will surely amaze you.
Samantha Bulstrode
Samantha Bulstrode

8 facts you don’t know about Samantha Bulstrode

1. 3 talents in 1 personality

You must be amazed to know this amazing fact about her that she is not only a widely acclaimed dancer. She is an excellent model too along with being an influencer. She is carrying on all of the sides of her passions by side successfully.

2. Dance flows in her family!

Many people might not know that Samantha Bulstrode has an artistic family background.  Bella, her older sister, is a competitive dancer too like herself. Both the sisters are widely acclaimed for their moves.

3. Known as Sammy!

It must be an unknown fact for you that she is normally known as Sammy in the glamourous world of films and television. Sammy is her nickname as well as her social media name.

4. Started competitive Dance training at 6!

You must be amazed to hear this interesting fact about her that she got trained in dance at an early age. She used to practice hard 6- 7 days a week in Jazz, Acro, Ballet, Lyrical, Hip Hop, and Contemporary. At the tender age of 6, she started her competitive Dance training out of her great passion for dance. [1]

5. Her proud moment

We all have proud moments in our lives and we take great interest in the proud moments of celebrities. So if you wanna know about the proud moment of your dream celebrity, it is when she got signed with “Bloc Talent Agency” and became a part of “Immabeast”.

6. Who is her favorite actress?

She is the heartbeat of millions of people all around the world but do you know who is her favorite actor? So we are here telling you this secret that actress Jojo Siwa is her favorite actress whom she likes a lot.

7. Her hobbies?

You must be thinking that what this celebrity does in her spare time? So she does dancing and photoshoot in her spare time. These are her only hobbies.

8. Her sister was her inspiration since childhood

It must be an interesting fact about her that she values her sister a lot. She calls her sister, an inspiration for herself to become a dancer as she had been seeing her since an early age. Her sister Bella fascinated her a lot and she decided to be a dancer like her.


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