8 Things You Didn’t Know About Taruni Sachdev

Taruni Sachdev Biography

Taruni Sachdev was born on 14 May 1998 .She was an Indian child actress and model, who made her film debut in 2004 with Vellinakshatram, which introduced her to Malayalam audiences. She also appeared in Sathyam. Her last film was Vetri Selvan (2014), which was released two years after her death and her fans were quite sad about watching her alive in the film. Many people want to know more about her but they end up disappointed as there is not much information available about her . That’s why we have brought for you, 8 interested and hidden facts about her that will surely amaze you.
Taruni Sachdev
Taruni Sachdev

8 facts you don’t know about Taruni Sachdev

1. Friend of the Friends

Taruni Sachdev was a humble girl with zero attitudes, unlike many celebrities. She had many friends and all of them loved her because of her easy-going personality despite being a famous actress and model. She was in contact with her school friends even before boarding the killer flight. All of her school friends still remember that last talk with her.

2. Known as Rasna Girl

She was not only an actress but also participated in more than 50 commercials. Her real recognition was her Rasna commercial with Krishna Kapoor, after which she got the nickname The Rasna Girl in the industry.

3. Her tragic death at an early age

She lived only for 14 years as she died in 2012 in the Agni Air Dornier 228 crash near Jomsom Airport in Nepal along with her mother and her fans were shocked on hearing her sudden death news. [1]

4. Same birth and Death dates

You must be saddened to hear the tragic fact that she died on the same day on which she was born. Her birth, as well as death date, is 14 May.

5. The acting was her childhood dream

Taruni Sachdev wanted to be a part o the film industry. It was her biggest dream since her childhood. In her interviews, she always said that it was her childhood dream to be an actress and now she was living this dream. Fortunately, she was able to achieve her dream before her death.

6. Do you know she worked in Paa?

Many people don’t know the fact that she worked with the king of Bollywood, Amitabh Bachan as a child actress.  If you remember, she played the role of Amitabh’s classmate, Soni in this movie and this role earned her so much appreciation. So did you know this fact before?

7. I’m meeting you for the last time

It’s must be quite an interesting fact about her that she said goodbye to all of her fans and loved ones before going to Nepal which was her last travel. She said that she loved all of you and that is her last meeting with them. Isn’t it shocking?

8. A kind natural girl

She was a very kind-hearted girl as all of her relatives am, friends and neighbors remember. She never hurt anyone and there was a constant smile on her beautiful face that can make anyone happy. Her entire neighborhood and friend’s circle were shocked at her demise.