8 Things You Didn’t Know About Zainab Jamil

Zainab Jamil Biography

Zainab Jamil the beautiful Pakistani actress was born on 13th March 1989 in Lahore, she was raised in the same city. Zainab got her bachelor’s degree from the Punjab Group of colleges in Lahore also holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration. She is one of the most popular television actresses and host as well as she has always been winning the hearts of many with her incredible performances. However, this does not end here as we have compiled some unknown things you did not not about her. Zainab-Jamil

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Zainab Jamil

1- News Anchor

Zainab started her career journey as a news anchor in Din News and worked there for a long period of time. She, later on, worked as a Newscaster at Waqt News for a short period. She managed a good balance career in the news channels.

2- Show Host

She then went on to start her hosting career and worked as a co-host in a famous comedy show Khabarnaak along with Aftab Iqbal which is broadcasted on Geo TV, till now her work has spoken her success and she has hosted many shows like E-NEWS on A-plus.

3- Steps in entertainment

Her career in the entertainment industry led to her success in leading roles in television series, her first-ever series that aired on Geo tv was Sada sukhi raho Kamran Jilani. This story revolved around two dignified girls.

4- Fame and achievement

Zainab has worked in many fields of television but her name rose to prominence by her co-hosting in “Khabarnaak”. Since then her work spoke of her talent and led her fame to rise in dramas.

5- Education

Although the actor is well-known for her achievements, she has a Master’s degree in Business administration.

6- Working with stars

With a ton amount of professions,, Zainab Jamil has worked with many well-known artists in tv series like Muneeb butt, Aiman Khan, Behroze Sabzwari, and Khalid Anam.

7- Worldwide success

Her series such as Sasural Meri Behen ka and many rose famously worldwide in the countries like United States, UK, and Saudi Arabia.

8- Nose & Lip Transformation

In the industry, we’ve heard many artists changing their look into becoming more attractive similarly her name adds to this list for a nose job and lip injection.

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