Danish Ali’s recent video reveals that patriarchy is toxic for men too.

Danish 300x225A well-known Facebook and YouTube comic, Danish Ali, ridiculed the social pattern of rishta culture in Pakistan in his most recent video, Rishtay ka Soda. Featuring Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman Khan, the amusing video also features promotion of Heer Maan Ja in an ironical way.

It takes off with a lot of men on a pushcart with the actor offering them for marriage. Hareem springs up in a gallery with her mom as they start asking the value of each man contingent upon his occupation, residence and job.

Danish Ali 300x225The way that it begins with demonstrating the lady in power, as she gets the chance to choose whom she needs to wed in the midst of a gathering of men in plain view, flips the cultural standards and mirrors an engaging picture.

However, the end of the video moved into a realistic image of societal demands and rishta culture as it ends up for a lethal however rich man, who the mother strongly chooses to give her little girl away to, just in light of his status.

The comic’s mocking delineation features the value of every person, as per the generalizations appended with his calling. Where a doctor is offered for Rs4 million, while an ‘imported’ businessperson and green card holder’s value is Rs6 million.

It additionally grandstands craftsmen that are being sold in limited rates, paying little mind to which they are rejected and afterward offered for nothing out of pocket. While the engineers are not available to be purchased as they just appear for a Mehndi move to help their companions.

It at that point starts to segregate the white collar class investor as it moves onto making the chartered accountant sought after, basically on the grounds that his mom has passed away. Beside word related separation, it also indicates how the young lady’s family is made to go through their entire life savings and even take up unjustifiable monetary credits to accommodate the wedding.

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