Farhan Saeed slams Bollywood composer Salim Merchant for plagiarism

Recently, Pakistani artist, Farhan Saeed slams Bollywood music composer Salim Merchant for plagiarism. According to Farhan Saeed, the song- ‘Hareyaan’ by Salim merchant is the copy of his song ‘Roiyaan’. Farhan Saeed took the support of social media, and Tweeted to depreciate the Bollywood composer Salim Merchant for ripping off his music. Saeed expressed, “Somebody simply sent me Salim Merchant’s tune Hareya, which is an absolute duplicate of my tune Roiyaan. I wonder how they have the dauntlessness to call themselves artists when they take somebody’s work.” “Karna hi hai to pooch ke kuro aur ager poochna nahin hai to atleast acha to karo! (If you want to do it, at least ask and if you don’t want to ask, at least execute it well)” he added. Salim Merchant, who works close by his brother, Sulaiman Merchant reacted to the Suno Chanda actor’s tweet calling it a “mere coincidence”. Farhan pointed out another happenstance that they had a similar tunes. Just after that, Farhan replied, “If you say so! It’s a coincidence that we have a same lyricist! Anyway, good luck! Check it what Salim Merchant wrote in this response. Here’s a video of both songs. You can check it.
However, the poll has been generated to get the views from netizens about the matter of plagiarism.  So, how many of you agree that Farhan Saeed’s ‘Roiyaan’ and Salim Merchant’s ‘Haareyan’ sounds similar?

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