Iqra Aziz refuses to a massive amount of Whitening Cream advertisement- Check out the reason!

Iqra Aziz is an eminent star who has been drawn closer to support a whitening cream advertisement. Nonetheless, she has would not do as such because it lowers women’s self-esteem. The advertisement was about a whitening cream and the task was to spread the inferiority complex among the women.

However, yesterday, on 23rd September 2019, her life partner, Yasir Hussain took to Instagram handle to praise the actor and stated, “I cherish you much more for what you did yesterday.”

“Yeh baat aap sab ko batana is liye zaroori hai kyon k yeh aik behtareen kaam hai . Kal iqra ne aik (brightening cream) ka promotion karny se mana kar dia jo society mai complex phelany k Bohot sary paisy bhi offer kar rahy thy . Juratmandana aur sahi Qadam uthaya aap ne. (It is basic for me to make reference to that it is to be sure a striking advance. Recently, Iqra would not work in an ad for a brightening cream. They were paying heavy sum too for spreading complex among the majority. A privilege and valiant step was taken by Iqra!),” he said. “Allah ne jesa banaya hai us mai Khush rahen,” Yasir included.

Prior, Sajal Aly maddened numerous by underwriting a whitening cream. Aren’t we living in a period where being reasonable shouldn’t be considered an accomplishment?

Sajal Aly’s remarks show that she finds beauty in fair complexion and also consider it as a key to success & achievement. Well, it’s totally unfair. However, there are a number of celebrities who might be in favour of Iqra Aziz and might be some of them are laud over the refusal of Iqra Aziz, as Sajal Aly did.

Well, We praise Iqra for her good decision because she has taken a bold step to empower the women in a true sense.

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