LHC rejects Meesha Shafi’s appeal in Ali Zafar harassment case

On Friday, 11th October 2019, The Lahore High Court expelled vocalist Meesha Shafi’s allure against Governor Punjab’s choice to dismiss her request against Ali Zafar. As indicated by Express-News, the Overload vocalist had before documented a grievance with Lahore’s top court to upset Punjab Governor Rafiq Rajwana’s choice to expel her protest under Women Harassment Act against Zafar. The becoming aware of Meesha Shafi v Ali Zafar’s case was led at LHC today. Shafi had documented a grievance against Punjab Governor’s choice after her intrigue was dismissed by the Governor on August 1. Already, Meesha’s attorneys had educated the distribution that the artist had recorded an objection against Zafar with the ombudsman under the inappropriate behavior at work environment law. Nonetheless, since the ombudsman decided that the issue didn’t fall under lewd behavior in the work environment, the issue must be taken to the representative. Her intrigue with the ombudsman was dismissed on July 11 as Meesha wasn’t a genuine representative at the time the provocation purportedly occurred as was not bound by any proper agreement. Along these lines, the case doesn’t fall under the said demonstration. A month ago, Shafi recorded Rs2 billion reimbursement charges against the fellow artist.  

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